Triquetra Trinity Knot * Irish Dance Crystal Shoe Buckles

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Brand new Triskelt product!

These gorgeous triquetra AB crystal slider shoe buckles are sold as a pair for Irish dance hard shoes.

They are slightly convex (domed upward), which gives them an added dimension. The AB crystals are gorgeous under lights and sparkle with all the colors of the rainbow.

Size: 1-1/2" on each side of the triquetra. They can take up to 3/4" width of elastic through the bar or simply attach with the hard shoe laces around the bar. 

Please note: although these are well made, we cannot guarantee damage to the crystal buckles under certain dancing stresses, such as being struck by hard shoe soles during clicks or other moves.

The buckles come in a silver foil box which can be used for gifting and/or storage.