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TOTAL IRISH DANCING * Volume I <p></p> New Release
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Just Arrived! Total Irish Dancing Volume One is a new, exciting Irish dancing practice CD made for Irish dancers by professional musicians and dancers who are striving to create music which will inspire and capture a dancer's imagination while they practice.

About the Artists: The Total Irish Dancing team is made up of a small number of dancers and musicians. The team has substantial experience, both as competitive dancers and musicians, but also as performers in some of Irish dancing's best shows, such as the acclaimed Emerald Beat Show in Busch Gardens.

Volume One contains 12 tracks with a selection of heavy jigs, reels, hornpipes and slip jigs. All tracks are at usual competition speeds and are at least 3:45 minutes in length, allowing plenty of time to perfect your steps.

Tracks and Times included:

* Reels (115) Dinky's Reels

* Reels (115) A Found Harmonium

* Reels (115): The Clumsy Lover Set

* Heavy Jigs (73): The Millers

* Heavy Jigs (73): The Boy of the Town

* Heavy Jigs (73): The Fandango

* Hornpipe (114): The Liverpool Hornpipe

* Hornpipe (114): The Bulgarian Set

* Hornpipe (114): The Rights of Man

* Slip Jigs (113): Kid on the Mountain

* Slip Jigs (113): Irving Washington's

* Slip Jigs (113): The Rocky Road

The cover artwork was done by Irish dancer, Christina Allanson, who won the TID contest soliciting designs. Bravo, Christine!