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Mini Stamp Set

WELSH LOVE SPOON<p><p/>Mini Stamp Set
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Product Description

Our exclusive set includes a small Welsh love spoon stamp plus two mini stamps in a heart patterned cello bag.

Use the set for making unique Valentine's Day cards, gift tags, personalized note paper, travel scrapbooking pages and more. They can also be used for making impressions in ceramic/PMC media.

Each stamp is made of premium red rubber and mounted on a wooden dowel peg.

The larger stamp's image size is 1/2" wide by 1-3/4" high. The design is detailed to look like Welsh love spoons carved in wood.

Each mini stamp's image size is about 1/2" and includes a mini heart with a wood-carved look and a heart inspired by Celtic knotwork.

About Welsh Love Spoons:

The custom of carving and giving Welsh Love Spoons originated in Wales hundreds of years ago. The young men of today would probably buy flowers, chocolates or jewelery as a token of affection. Centuries ago in Wales, the young lover would also give gifts of sweets or cakes; but they would also give a special, more personal gift to the object of their desire, the Welsh Love Spoon. The meaning of the various symbols used on the spoons is just fascinating!