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Liffey Rivers Mystery Book #5

Alaskan Sun

Liffey Rivers Mystery Book #5<p></p>Alaskan Sun
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Liffey Rivers is en route to Amsterdam, relieved that her harrowing experiences in South Africa are finally over, when she notices that a man on her plane is wearing the same expensive Italian leather shoes worn by a deliveryman who had left a black mamba snake in a picnic basket addressed to her at the Johannesburg Feis. Trapped miles above the earth, she must once again employ her Irish dance training to save her life. She eventually manages to get back to Wisconsin by hiding in a group of pilgrims headed to Lourdes from South Africa. When months later, she takes a much needed idyllic Alaskan cruise with her family and best friend, Sinead McGowan, her cruise itinerary includes, in addition to exciting shore excursions, a boyfriend and an Irish dance competition in Anchorage. Liffey Rivers sets sail straight into the arms of contentment and instead confronts her worst enemy on the shores of the Arctic Ocean.

Format: Paperback