IRISH DANCE Stacking Message Ring Necklace

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We've paired two message rings to create a unique necklace for anyone who loves Irish dance. Gift ideas include:

*Christmas or birthday gift
*Congratulations or good luck gift for a milestone dance competition (feis, regional/national/worlds competition).
*Irish dance teacher gift

Each ring is 7/8" in diameter, silver-plated, with a shiny finish and engraved on both sides. 

The DANCE ring is stacked on top of the IRISH ring, but they move freely on the chain. The rings can be easily switched so that IRISH is on top and DANCE is on the bottom.

The angle chain is also silver plated, with an extender, so it can be worn from a 16" length to an 18" length. The extender has a teeny-tiny heart on the end with scroll designs.

The lobster claw clasp and extender are shown in the closeup.

This necklace was featured in two Irish dancing magazines and makes a unique gift or treat for yourself.