Irish Dance Boxed Set of 4 Mini Rubber Stamps

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Irish Dance Boxed Mini Rubber Stamp Set of 4

Our exclusive boxed rubber stamp set includes the following designs:

* Female Irish dancer, side view
* Ghillie, also known as a soft shoe or light shoe
* Hard shoe, also known as a jig shoe or heavy shoe
* Irish shamrock, for a bit of good luck!

Size: Each stamped image is approximately 1/2" and each stamp is mounted on a 2" long wooden dowel peg.

They're perfect accents for envelopes, note paper, scrapbook pages, gift tags, bullets for posters/signs...the possibilities are endless. We love keeping mini stamps on our desk with a handy ink pad for spontaneous stamping.

Design tips: 

* Add laces to the ghillie with fine-tipped black marker
* Stamp two ghillies or two hard shoes to get pairs
* Use a fine-point silver market to add little buckles to the hard shoe