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Stamp Set of 4

IRISH DANCE FEIS FUN<p><p/>Stamp Set of 4
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Product Description

This new set is a Triskelt exclusive: Use the different stamp designs to make your own greeting cards, gift tags, memory books and more. Keep them handy with an ink pad on your desktop to decorate envelopes and note paper.

The set includes four designs, with their stamped image sizes, from left to right in the photo:

* Feis: 2" long x 1" high * Ghillie mini stamp: 1/2" long * Hard shoe mini stamp: 1/2" long * Leaping female Irish dancer: 3/4" x 3/4"

All stamps are brand new and made of high-quality materials in the U.S. The red rubber is deeply etched.

The two larger stamps (FEIS and the dancer) are mounted on eastern maplewood blocks, indented on the sides to give a firm grip.

The mini stamps are mounted on 2" wooden dowel pegs.

About the stamps: These premium-quality rubber stamps are designed and assembled with care by a small California company.