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Mini stamp set

ASSORTED CELTIC KNOTS<p></p>Mini stamp set
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Product Description

This set is one of our best sellers and includes four of our popular Celtic knot mini stamps for a variety of shapes and designs.

Use each one by itself, as a design element with other stamps, or in a repeating pattern to make a border. The possibilities are endless. We have recently sold a lot of stamps to artists using them for pottery.

Great for scrapbooking and papercrafting of all kinds...hand-made cards, special note paper, gift tags, envelope decoration, invitations and more.

Consider this as a gift for a scrapbooking friend or family member - it's shipped in a silver foil box with a silver metallic stretch tie.

Each stamp is 1/2" by 1/2" and mounted on a dowel peg.

This set includes: A triquetra, a square knot, a round knot and a corner knot.